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Scrooge essays

Scrooge essays Ignorance In the famous story A Christmas Carol, the Ghost said to Scrooge ""These are your children Ignorance and Want." as he opened his robe to reveal two small unfortunate poverty stricken children. By this, the ghost meant that because of the cruelty of the world and irresponsibility, these innocent children must suffer. These children suffered because of careless people like Scrooge. The ghost meant unfortunate children like these are the responsibility of everyone. Their names were ignorance and want because they were a result of ignorant people and people who only wanted for themselves. In today's world many children also live in poverty. However there are many more organizations to help them and their families and to prevent them having to live on the streets. Such an example of an organization would be welfare. Welfare helps people by giving supplying food stamps and money to the less fortunate. Another caring organization would be the Salvation Army who gives food and clothing to people who need it. It is our responsibility to care for the needy by sponsoring a child for Christmas and donating money and clothing to the Salvation Army. Even though there are many "Scrooges" in our world we can still take on the responsibility of caring for those who need it. We may not need help now but the future is never certain. If you are kind to others, they will remember and be kind to you when you really need it. ...

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Operations Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 12

Operations Management - Essay Example Service operation is a process that is concerned with the maintenance of daily operations that occur with in an organization. Service operation management makes sure that the daily activities of the business run normally without any interruptions. Service operations management focuses on the infrastructure and the daily activities that are used to deliver services for an organization. Some of the tasks that occur in service operation include fixing problems that occur in the organization, fulfilling the user needs and requests, resolving failures of the system, and undertaking routinely operational tasks. On the other hand, manufacturing operations are the tasks that an organization undergoes in order to produce a commodity. Manufacturing operations make sure that the production of the commodity that is needed has been successful. In addition to that, it makes sure that the quality of the goods or commodities needed are met. While service management focuses on the maintenance of the infrastructure and meeting the requests and orders of a client, manufacturing operations makes sure that the needed commodity is produced.Service operations deal with the services that are to be given to the organization while manufacturing operations deal with creating the goods that are needed for production in the organization. This is to imply that service operations deal with the intangible while manufacturing operations deal with the tangibles in an organization.

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Using the internet for E-commerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Using the internet for E-commerce - Essay Example sharing of product and service information, developing and maintaining human commercial relationships, and transacting business over the Internet and the World Wide Web. The Internet is bringing about a profound change in the ways business is conducted worldwide and is considered to have become the conduit for change from a producer culture to a consumer culture. Small and medium-size enterprises are the main beneficiaries of the low-cost marketing possibilities offered by the Internet, which can turn them from small niche players into global ones. A fundamental change is happening in the world of Asian marketing that could prove a bonanza for struggling companies. The Internet is providing low-cost ways for small to medium-size businesses to get their advertising message across, focusing on specific audiences. The key to the success of niche e-businesses is first and foremost brand awareness. Second, expanding the customer base geographically is leading to the need for a greater product range to meet strong local preferences in style and fashion. The Internet has proved to be the perfect messenger for niche interests, serving individual tastes and diverse geographical demands. According to Microsofts small business marketing manager, Linda Mitchell, one of the biggest advantages of having a Web site is improving customer service and loyalty (Small Business Success Magazine, 2001). Connecting to search engines and support organizations such as on-line directories is free in many cases and expands a companys Web presence to a much larger market. Markus (1996) proposes that as more medium- to small-sized businesses outsource processes to vendors via the Internet, the businesses tend to focus on core activities. This trend is coupled with the trend for these businesses to increase their use of e-commerce and deliver their services and products directly to their end customers through information technology (IT), thus reducing or eliminating many of the costs

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Law and Politics Essay Example for Free

Law and Politics Essay Murphy and selected internet and electronic readings Some journal articles will need to be accessed through the UVU Library Journal database. If the below links to internet sources do not work, you should first search Google for alternative links. If you are still unsuccessful, then contact Dr. Griffin. ? This schedule is only â€Å"tentative† and subject to change by verbal or written notification – stay tuned! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jan 8, 10 Introduction Introduction to course review of syllabus The Nature and Prominent Theories of Law (M) 3-12 William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England in Four Books, 2 vols. , pp. 39-62 Introduction, Section II, â€Å"Of The Nature of Laws in General,† pp. 39-47 (scroll down). http://oll. libertyfund. org/? option=com_staticxtstaticfile=show. php%3Ftitle=2140chapter=198645layout=htmlItemid=27 ? ? ? Charles Grove Haines, A Survey of the Development of Natural law Doctrines, 1930 Chapter 1 Ancient and Medieval Natural Law Theories, http://www. constitution. org/haines/haines_001. htm King, Martin Luther Jr. Letter from the Birmingham Jail. In Why We Cant Wait, ed. Martin Luther King, Jr. , 1963. http://www. stanford. edu/group/King/liberation_curriculum/pdfs/letterfrombirmingham_wwcw. pdf Herbert Spiegelberg, Justice Presupposes Natural Law, pp. 343-348 http://www. jstor. org/sici? sici=0014-1704(193904)49%3A3%3C343%3AJPNL%3E2. 0. CO%3B2-6 Jan 15 Origins and Roles of Courts and Judges (M) 13-20, 22-46 Martin Shapiro, â€Å"The Logic of The Triad. † (UVU Canvas) John Underwood Lewis, Sir Edward Coke (1552-1564): His Theory of â€Å"Artificial Reason† as a Context for Modern Basic Legal Theory. (UVU Canvas) James Wilson, The Works of James Wilson, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court , Vol. 2, Chapter IV, â€Å"Of the Nature of Courts,† pp. 287-299. http://books. google. com/books? id=lIs0AAAAMAAJ;pg=PA1;dq=James+Wilson,+The+Works+of+James+Wilson,+volume+2;hl =en;ei=9bx1TIyKA4W6sQOEqL2hDQ;sa=X;oi=book_result;ct=result;resnum=2;ved=0CDAQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage;q;f=fa lse

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The Significance of Mother-Daughter Relationships in Amy Tan’s The Joy

The Significance of Mother-Daughter Relationships in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club In her novel The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan tells of the lives of four Chinese immigrant mothers, their hopes, their dreams and the way each of their daughters feel about their mother's lives.   Mother-daughter relationships are the basis for the entire story.   Tan shows the hardships each mother experiences as a child and young adult, and how they all want better lives for their daughters.   She shows the struggles between the mothers and the daughters;   these struggles result from many different things, from the cultural gap, to dreams and goals that may have been set too high.   Each daughter knows her mother means well, but this does not make the battles any easier.   Through careful details Amy Tan shows readers the significance of each of the four mother-daughter relationships in the novel, how each daughter is slowly but surely becoming her mother. Even though Suyuan Woo is not alive her story is told through her daughter, Jing-mei â€Å"June† Woo.   In the beginning of the novel readers witness June realizing how little she really knows about her mother and her heritage when she joins the other members of the club her mother founded called Joy Luck.   Jing-mei struggles with the division between who she is and who her mother wants her to be.   ""Only two kinds of daughters."   She shouted in Chinese.   "Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind!"   Only one kind of daughter can live in this house.   Obedient daughter."" (153) Suyuan yells this when Jing-mei refuses to practice the piano after her embarrassing performance in the talent show.   She wants her mother to realize that she doesn't have to be a genius to be special, but Suyuan do... ...y knew that in the U.S. children would be able to choose whom they married and which career they wanted to pursue. Each mother had wanted to tell her children the events she had endured but did not feel the children would appreciate the stories for their full value.  Ã‚   For many years, the mothers did not tell their daughters their stories until they were sure that their wayward offspring would listen, and by then, it is almost too late to make them understand their heritage that their mothers left behind, long ago, when they left China.   The mothers knew their children must be old enough to understand what the meaning of their travels to the United States meant to them.   They came to this country with many hopes and dreams, not only for themselves but for the children they would soon raise. Works Cited Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club. New York: Random House, 1989.

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Song Essay

The artist achieves this in the song by telling a story. Jason Michael Carroll, son of a preacher, grew up in a strict North Carolina family environment (Ortega). His father ruled with an iron thumb. Although his father r was strict, it never got to the point of Alyssa. But as a preacher, his father dealt with many families and cases of child abuse. Growing up, Jason had experience knowing what goes on in the SSE situations and how people deal with it. â€Å"Jason bore witness to realize tragedies that will take the kid right out of a child† (â€Å"Alyssa Lies by Jason†).Also as a husband and a father of four, Jaws knows what it's like to have to deal with a child on an everyday basis (â€Å"Jason Michael Carry II Biography†). It took two years for Jason to write Alyssa Lies. It was a song inspired by a poem a friend had wrote about child abuse. After reading the poem and seeing a story on the en was about child abuse he decided to finally wrote the song (Ortega) . â€Å"It's his philosophy that s ones are waiting in the ether for someone to call them forth† (â€Å"Alyssa Lies by Jason†).Hesitant to write such a powerful song, Jason would write part of the song then put it down then pick I t back up two weeks later (Ortega). Contrary to what people believe, Alyssa was not a real girl but just a name Jason came up with. Also Jason never abused as a child and the song was not a way for Jaw son to finally tell his story. â€Å"Alyssa Lies† is a fictional song about a little girl Alyssa who is constant .NET abused at home. When she meets another girl at school, she tells her what has been ha opening.Then this girl goes home to her father in tears wondering why Alyssa lies to everyone. B y this she means Alyssa makes up excuses to explain the bruises in school. When Alyssa tells her friend what had happened it affects her in a big way. Her friend goes home to her father in tears. The chorus â€Å"Alyssa lies/ To the classroo m/ Alyssa lies/ Everyday at school/ Alyssa lies/ To the teachers/ As she tries to cover every bruise† (â€Å"JASON MICHAEL CARROLL LYRICS†), shows that her new friend notices what has been going on and that Alyssa doesn't do anything to stop it.Then, when the little girl goes to bed, SSH e prays to God saying â€Å"God bless my mom and my dad/ And my new friend Alyssa/ know she needs you bad† (â€Å"JASON MICHAEL CARROLL LYRICS†). This shows that she cares about her en w friend and wants to help even though she knows what is going on. Children are ion .NET and do not know prejudice. For adults this is not always true. In the song, after the narrator's daughter tees him what happened, he said he just brushed it off at first.But when he got to school on Monday it was too late. Alyssa has been killed as a result of her injuries. In an attempt to tell his daughter who at happened, he did so in a way that she might understand, She doesn't lie/ In the classroom/ She doesn't lie/ Anymore at school/ Alyssa lies/ With Jesus/ Because there's nothing anyone would do (â€Å"JASON MICHAEL CARROLL LYRICS†). In the song he describes how he felt when his dad gutter asked him why everybody looks so sad.He said the lump in his throat grew bigger w tit every question that she asked. He knew that someone should have done something sooner b t no one did and now he has to explain it to his child. This is how adults are. They all say child a buses is something terrible and something should be done but they never want to be the one to do that something. If they ignore it or hide the fact they know they think it will go away. But cometh inning like that beer truly goes away. This is how it is in the official video for ‘Alyssa Lies†.In the video, a teacher at what seems to be a high school shows the video if ‘Alyssa Lies† and tells his students to war tie about it in their journals ( â€Å"ALYSSA LIES† The Original Throug hout the music video, the students have lank expressions and there is a girls crying at her desk trying to hide her tear s. She Was wearing a black turtle neck sweater and a few times during the video she pulls her sleep eves down more or pulls up her turtle neck as if trying to cover the bruises she has herself just like e Alyssa in the video tries to cover her bruises.Towards the end of the video the young womb an grabs her stuff and runs out into the hallway in tears. This shows that at some point in her life e she was abused or is still being abused. At the end of the video, it Shasta many student came of award, one was moved from her situation and others found help and a slide saying â€Å"Help is out there waiting to hear from you† came up (â€Å"ALYSSA LIES† The Original).This shows that by shoo wing this video, even to older children, it can bring about string emotions, enough to m aka people come forward with their situation and could even save them. ‘Al yssa Lies† is not only a song used for entertainment but for real life situ actions as well. Like in the video, other schools have used this song to evoke emotions from c hillier and even college students. Universities and medical schools use the song â€Å"Alyssa Lies†

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Poem Analysis Poem And Poetry Mean - 1257 Words

The words poem and poetry mean â€Å"to create or make.† There is a variety of different ways to create poems, and the more experience you have, the more ideas you will get on how to write them. The first poem in â€Å"Meeting Poem: An Overview† is Schoolsville and the poem moves from apparent reality to something beyond it. Poets provide their readers with thoughts on different subjects. For example, in the poem â€Å"Hope,† the author is describing how hope is available in everyday things and situations. From this, readers can see how poems provide deeper meanings and present power within it. Good poetry allows us to think about the things that have never even dreamed about. Poems are unique and allow us to understand certain topics on a deeper†¦show more content†¦This type is when a story is told and ballad being the poem’s shape or form. These poems derive from songs meant for dancing. Words (419-428) Summary Words build poetry and prose. Words in poetry allow for rhythm and form. They express the characters of the poem and the situation. To achieve this, the poet looks for specific words that will express the main ideas and bring emotion to their readers. Poets make decisions about language and diction; whether it’s specific, general, concrete or abstract. Typically poems use specific and concrete words to provide imagery and enthrall the reader. The levels of diction do not pertain to poetry necessarily, more of what the poet wants to use to accommodate their wishes. The levels include high or formal diction, middle or neutral, and low or informal. The first level follows rules of syntax. Formal language is used profoundly and uses words from French, Latin, and Greek derivation. Middle or neutral diction sticks with correct language but does not include complex words. Low or informal diction is that of everyday speech. Poems written with this style include common words and phrases. There are four other types of diction that poets like to use including idiom, dialect, slang, and jargon. Idioms means words or phrases that are accepted in a language even when they could be strange. Dialect is a version of language that makes up a common language. Slang is what people use everyday. It consists of words and phrases thatShow MoreRelatedNotes On A Poem Unwritten1139 Words   |  5 PagesInstructions A poem unwritten is only a thought; unshared, unsaid— still less . . . for naught. Dwayne Donkersgoed â€Å"A Poem Unwritten† In the previous lessons you analyzed poetry; and you composed different types of poetry using various elements and devices. In this portfolio you will gather your best poetry to create a portfolio. You will submit this along with a poetry analysis for instructor review. Create A Poetry Portfolio Selecting Poetry for Your Portfolio Select two poems that you considerRead MorePoems: Poetry and Free Verse Poem774 Words   |  4 PagesPoetry Journal Project **Due Monday, February 4, 2013** You will create a poetry journal. It will contain 20 poems. Each poem will contain one of the items below. You may not use the same poem twice. You may not use any poem we have read in class. 1. Rhyme (any kind) 11. Free Verse Poem 2. Imagery 12. Narrative Poem 3. Simile 13. Lyric Poem 4. Metaphor 14. Consonance 5. Alliteration 15. Assonance 6. Personification 16. Refrain 7. HyperboleRead MoreCritical Analysis of Wilfred Owens poem Arms and the Boy1660 Words   |  7 PagesCritical Analysis of Wilfred Owens poem Arms and the Boy I. Introduction: 1. Introducing what is going to be discussed in the paper (analysis of Arms and the Boy , its relation to one of Owens poem). 2. Thesis Statement : Wilfred Owens poem Arms and the Boy can be discussed to represent the horror of war. II. Body: 1. Owen was a soldier and a modern poet who was known as anti-war poet. A. A summary of Owens poetry in general . B. His representation of the horror of war in his poems. 2. ArmsRead MoreRule Analysis : Poetry By Poetry1353 Words   |  6 PagesRule Analysis: Poetry Introduction Poetry is a genre that expresses feeling through rhythm and tone, while creating a realistic vision of what the poet is imagining. Poems can either be short or could be lengthy, but they all have a meaning to them. A poem is often read for its message that it carries. The message is usually hidden in the context of the poem. Poetry is difficult because its language that is used is often indirect with the reader. There is no limit of subjects that can be used inRead MoreI Am the World1431 Words   |  6 Pages My  translation  of Alejandro Abadilla’s poem â€Å"ako ang daigdig† has proven to be the most popular post in my blog thus far. Many of the search items that led people to the post indicate that an analysis was being sought. This consequently gave me the idea of making an analysis of my own. Here, I will make a close reading of the poem. I will proceed by using English, but will focus on the original Filipino text. Later I shall attempt to translate my analysis to Filipino as a contribution to FilipinoRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem My August Guest By Robert Frost Essay1378 Words   |  6 PagesPaper #1: Formalist Analysis The term â€Å"formalism† refers to a critical approach that analyzes, interprets, or evaluates the features of a text. These features include not only grammar and syntax but also literary devices such as meter, and metaphor. The formalist approach does not pay attention to a text s historical, biographical, or geographical context. A formal analysis, is the formal analyzation of a text. This paper will delve into the formal analysis of two distinct poems, written by differentRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Wallace Stevens : The Emperor Of Ice Cream1463 Words   |  6 Pages‘The Emperor of Ice-Cream’.† Poetry Foundation, Poetry Foundation, The article was written by Austin Allen. His biography on the site reads that he has won a poetry award and that he frequently writes poems and essays that are known world-wide. This means his article is at least somewhat reliable. This site analyzes the poem thoroughly, digging into different aspects of the poem. The analysis mentions symbolism of someRead MoreThe Poem By Billy Collins1652 Words   |  7 PagesThe poem â€Å"Introduction to Poetry† by Billy Collins, is about a teacher explaining to her students how to read and analyze poetry. Collins employs an abundance of figurative language, especially metaphors and images, to express the progressive steps taken to understand a poem for all that it encompasses. When beginning to read a poem, first we must look at the bigger picture, like we are working from the outside of the poem to the inside. Once we begin to understand the storyline, we must dive furtherRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Billy Collins 1333 Words   |   6 PagesIntroduction to Poetry Billy Collins is known as one of the most popular, successful, and influential poets in American history. Collins is famously known for addressing his audience directly, mentally pulling them into the poem, and creating a temporary companionship with the reader. One of the prominent examples of this style of writing can be examined in his poem, Introduction to Poetry. In Billy Collins poem, Introduction to Poetry, he plays the role as a teacher, teaching the reader how toRead MoreTradition And The Individual Talent944 Words   |  4 PagesEliot believes tradition in a poetry sense varies through cultures, through time, and it is ever changing. In Eliot’s critical analysis â€Å"Tradition and the Individual Talent† tradition is something considered passed down but in a poetry sense, it is something that is not inherited, it is something that requires great ambition and focus to learn from past poets. A great poet must learn from predecessors of the difficult art before he or she takes to writing great poetry. According to Eliot writers must